Lyrics - Get Back Up


God I hate your needles and

Your dirty little vial of pills

I guess I love the sweat you put me through

I know I love your body

Like I used to love your mind

But now your soul's a slave

To all the things you use

I put you in the tub babe

With five big pounds of ice

If you don't get back up

I don't know what I'll do

I've walked around the room

Here nearly 37 Times

Can you hear me now

And am I getting through

Get up, get back up

Get up, get back up

I thought I heard you laughing

I thought I heard you scream

I thought I heard some wailing

Like lovers in heat

I thought maybe we'd been

Somewhere that we've never seen

Still you lie so still like

A china doll lost in a summer dream

Here I am way down here

Way down upon my knees

You're looking awfully blue

We were having such a good time

We were having so much fun now

We'll lock the door change the sheets

But how do I get to you

Get back up, get up babe

Get up babe, get back up

I feel like the walls

Are closing in get back up

You look like a china doll

So pale and so thin

Get back up and make me laugh

The way you used to do

© Tom Cochrane

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