Lyrics - Love Under Fire


She got the heart

She got the heart of the working man

It's not hard to understand

She got the love

She got the love of the working man

She wears it high upon her sleeve

Deep in the heart of this working land

They say the streets are paved with gold

And ever man had his mission

Then after all the stories are told

The only thing I've got to hold

Our love is under fire tonight

But you know it's not to be forgotten

She's seen this place before

Where do you stop it?

Stop the leaking, this is ship to shore

Down to zero and then back for more

Do you miss me?

She doesn't even know your name

We can rise from this

Likes ashes to diamonds

Like a soldier from a kiss

Milk and honey, or the grapes of wrath

You don't walk a thousand miles

Just to get yourself turned back

Don't you fade on me now

Can't you see

We can take it is degrees

Nor rhyme nor reason or fame nor gold

Could make you change your mind, your heart, your soul

Our love is under fire tonight

You know it's not to be forgotten

Our love is on the wire tonight

But It'll never be broken (repeat)

You might look the other way

And then turn again someday when you'll remember

It'll never, never be broken

Our love is under fire tonight

You know it's not to be forgotten

© Tom Cochrane & Ken Greer

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