Lyrics - Sinking Like A Sunset


She's thinking about the prince and cinderella

The outlaws the hustlers and the heroes

They never seem to fall

It doesn't matter it doesn't matter what

The outcome of the story is

Because in real life I try to tell her

It's not like that at all

Oh won't you please just hold out now

Cause there are some things I'd like you to forget

When your world is...Sinking like a sunset

Tales of Don Juan they're very poetic babe

But out on the streets out there

The true verse of life is written

You know it's really a shame

When you've got to let go

Of all the things you love

Like a fighter he really bleeds

When he must hang up his gloves

No I am not a rock

And I can feel it now

But for a moment

I'd like to forget

That my heart is

Sinking like a sunset

Sinking like a sunset

Everybody has a story

Some are tragic some find glory

But it feels more real when you're here

Right next to me

You can walk too far out on that ledge

And you might lose your mind

You know I need you now

You're an angel that keeps me in line

The old sergeant has broken down

He's grown senile

He shouts "kill the bastards!" in the night

Cause he's all out of time

Don't hold out let's make love right now

Cause there's some things I'd like to forget

When our hearts are sinkin' like a sunset

Won't you hold me now

And make things right

'Cause when you're with me here

The sun comes out at night

Making me forget

We're sinking like a sunset

Sinking like a sunset

Sinking like a sunset

© Annette Ducharme

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